Munson's ChocolatesThree Generations of ChocolatiersEst. 1946

Campaign Terms and Conditions

  1. Minimum order $250.00 net (The net total of an order is the dollar amount after discount has been applied).
  2. We will not make any additions or deletions to orders at time of pick-up.
  3. Because our reputation of quality is in each piece we make, we cannot accept any returns.
  4. Payment in full is due at time of pick up or delivery.
  5. 6.35% Connecticut Sales Tax must be added to all orders, unless you can provide us with all three of the following State Mandated, tax exemption requirements:
    • A completed Connecticut State Exemption Form.
    • A copy of your Connecticut State Tax Exemption Certificate or letter.
    • Payment with a group or organization check only (No Personal Checks or Cash)
  6. A fee of $20.00 will be applied to any check returned to Munson's Chocolates.