Munson's ChocolatesThree Generations of ChocolatiersEst. 1946

Giving Back

As a third-generation candy family, corporate responsibility is woven into the fabric of our business model and defines us as much as the quality of our chocolate. Munson’s Chocolates partners with a countless number of established groups and organizations throughout the year. From schools to non-profit groups and charities, we aspire to make a difference through involvement with the various community groups we support.

  • American Cancer SocietyAmerican Cancer Society
  • Blue Star FamiliesBlue Star Families
  • Channel 3 Kids CampChannel 3 Kids Camp
  • Wounded WarriorsWounded Warriors
  • UConnUniversity of Connecticut
  • Munson Family Educational ScholarshipsMunson Family Educational Scholarships
  • Travelers ChampionshipTravelers Championship: “PGA Tour Giving Back” to benefit The Greater Hartford Community Foundation, Inc.
  • United WayUnited Way

Our Charitable Giving Guidelines

Before submitting a request for a donation, please take note of the following:

  • The focus of Munson’s charitable giving is the State of Connecticut, where our company is headquartered and our retail stores are located.
  • Donation requests can be made only by sending a letter to our headquarters in Bolton, Connecticut. Individual store locations cannot donate product directly. Requests for donation will not be accepted via phone, fax, email or at Munson’s retail outlets.
  • Product donation requests must be made a minimum of 45 days (6 weeks) prior to the date of the event.
  • Priority is always given to those groups and organizations that participate in one of our fundraising programs.

No matter how worthy the effort or undertaking, Munson’s Chocolates does not support:

  • Sponsorships or donations for individuals or teams (for example, walk-a-thons)
  • Individuals or families
  • Individuals who participate in an athletic event on behalf of a charity
  • Organizations raising funds on behalf of another benefiting group
  • Student exchange or travel programs

How To Request a Donation

If your organization meets our established criteria and you choose to send a formal letter of request, please be sure it includes the following information:

  • An overview of the organization
  • Purpose and description of the product for which the donation will be used
  • Date of event
  • Contact person’s name, phone number and email.

Donation requests should be mailed to:

Munson’s Chocolates
Attn: Donations
174 Hop River Road
Bolton, CT 06043

Munson’s Chocolates receives a large volume of donation requests daily and each letter is carefully reviewed as we take our gifting very seriously. While we would like to contribute to every organization, we are unable to do so. Due to the large number of requests, we will only contact those donations which have been approved.

Fundraising with Munson’s Chocolates

Munson’s Chocolates is the industry leader in confectionary fundraising. We have been helping groups and organizations all over Connecticut build profits with fundraising programs for decades. Whether you choose one of our highly successful candy bar programs or a holiday fundraiser; we pride ourselves on making the process simple. With our experienced customer service team and support, we can assure you the process will be straightforward and the results sweet! For additional information, visit our Fundraising page ›