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Create Your Own Custom Assortment

Create Your Own Custom Assortment


Our 1-lb. Munson’s Chocolate Custom Assortment is filled with your favorites. With 36 pieces in this box you create your own selection (select up to 4 flavors per box). Every piece is hand-packed after you select the perfect custom assortment.

Choose from the following flavors: our famous triple chocolate layered truffles, almond toffee butter crunch, award-winning vanilla caramels, sea salt caramels, peanut butter centers, peanut butter caramel squares, almond, peanut & coconut clusters, coconut royals, marzipan, raspberry jelly, lemon, orange and raspberry creams, creme brulee.

Each piece is drenched in our milk and dark chocolate to create the ultimate custom assortment. Packaged in a box with stretch cord bow.

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