Happy Halloween

Spooky, Scary and fun!

Munsons makes Halloween extra special with our selection of special Chocolate Halloween Molded Novelties, Creepy Cutie chocolate, Bat, Cat, Witch and Ghost. How about trying the smoothest and creamiest Pumpkin Fudge you have ever had! Other favorites include our milk and dark chocolate foiled leaves

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Milk Chocolate Pumpkin Pop 1 oz

Price: $1.60
Milk Chocolate Halloween Oreos

Price: $4.25
Milk Chocolate Halloween Pretzel Rods

Price: $3.75
Dark Chocolate Creepy Cutie Bat  2 oz

Price: $3.50
Creepy Cutie Cat  2 oz

Price: $3.50
Milk Chocolate Creepy Cutie Witch 2 oz

Price: $3.50
White Chocolate Creepy Cutie Ghost  2 oz

Price: $3.50
Candy Corn1 lb

Price: $6.35
Dark Chocolate Foiled Leaves 1 lb

Price: $14.50
Halloween Foiled Balls 1 lb.

Price: $14.50
Milk Chocolate Foiled Leaves 1 lb

Price: $14.50
1 Lb Pumpkin Fudge

Price: $19.50