Gourmet Chocolate in Novelty Shapes

Looking for something a little different? Our unique chocolate creations in shapes including chocolate foiled emojis, foiled presents party hat, dog paws, cupcakes, flowers, and even pizza slices, will add a little extra interest to your indulgence.

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Caramel Filled Chocolate Apples 2 oz.

Price: $3.98
Milk Chocolate Foiled Emojis 1 lb

Price: $12.50
Everyday Chocolate Foiled Presents 1 lb

Price: $15.25
Milk Chocolate Letters (1 oz)

Price: $2.59
Party Hat 2 oz

Price: $4.25
Connecticut - Home Sweet Home 2 oz.

Price: $3.98
Chocolate Flowers 3 oz

Price: $5.50
5 oz Flowered Genevas

Price: $10.98
Milk Chocolate Paws 3 oz

Price: $5.50
Milk Chocolate Cupcake 3 oz

Price: $7.98
Pizza Slice (6 oz)

Price: $8.75